WTHIT: What the Hell is That?
City Hall to Cultural Icon 

“When I was in my 20's and 30's, I believed that architecture held the power to improve the world we inhabit. It will always fall to the younger generation to keep alive that faith.”  

Michael McKinnell, FAIA, RIBA Principal, and Co-founder of Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood Architects

This shirt was produced with that sentiment in mind and it is dedicated to Mr. McKinnell for his contribution to our city, as one of the architects of Boston City Hall. Opened in 1969, forty years later it is recognized as a cultural icon by a new generation in the 2009 SHIFTboston Ideas Competition by Matthew Jull and Leena Cho of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Read an excerpt from their board.

Love it or hate it? Boston City Hall is definitely notable and often talked about. It incites a passionate response in many, whether it be accolades around the time of its unveiling* or to intense dislike** with attempts to replace it.
It is undeniably an icon.

 * AIA gave the building a 1969 AIA Honor Award for Architecture and named it the sixth-best building in American history in a 1976 Bicentennial poll of historians and architects regarding America's greatest buildings.

** It was voted the world’s ugliest building by an online poll in 2008.