Check out the games incorporating the LPS tower from the winning submission of the Moon Capital Competition.

Perchance to Dream

Radio Moonbase

Games - Lunar Jam

SHIFTboston teamed up with Boston Game Jams on the 2010 SHIFTboston MOON CAPITAL International Design Challenge. Boston Game Jams took graphic content and concepts from the competition submissions and in two days, with a team of twenty, they produced five games. The game in which we have presented the winning submission from the 2010 MOON CAPITAL Competition will have you making music by manipulating orbits!

Moon Shot Use the gravity of the moons as a slingshot from the Earth to Jupiter without crashing into any asteroids. Learn more.
Cheese Grab “Because we all know the moon is made of cheese...”
You are a lunar lander collecting cheese to feed the colonists. Your only challenge is to avoid crashing or being destroyed by aliens. Learn more.
An interactive fiction in which players use text commands to control characters and influence the environment. Learn more.
Radio Moon Base Arrange your own musical composition by manipulating the orbits of the moons around the planets. Learn more.
The moon colonists, who tire of being mistreated by the powers-that-be on Earth, are engaging in a war for their independence. This game was inspired by Robert A. Heinlein’s 1966 sci-fi novel “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.” Learn more.


What is a game jam?

“Game development evolves rapidly as you go from start to finish on a project. You never know what you are going to end up with by the time you’re done, even over the span of a mere two days.”
Darren Torpey, Boston Game Jams

A game jam is an event where participants of many technical and creative backgrounds get together in small teams to make video games during a limited time period, often a single weekend. The short time frame is intended to encourage creative thinking to result in fun and innovative playable prototypes for experimental games.

Anyone, including YOU can participate in making games.

According to Darren Torpey, anyone who enjoys making things can participate in a game jam. Game developers are always looking for creative professionals such as architects and designers to help create audio and visual art for the games. Designers can also assist with the overall structure, user interfaces, and specific challenges for each game. SHIFTboston has teamed up with Boston Game Jams in order to establish a connection for architects and designers to the world of games and game development.

You DO NOT need to know any specific programs to participate.

“There are no practical barriers for newcomers -- only perceived barriers -- anyone can participate”
Darren Torpey, Boston Game Jams
Designers or producers can assist game developers in many ways, including design, art and audio creation/collection, and play-testing. To read more about Boston Game Jams, click here.