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Event Coordinator:
Stephanie Rogowski

Forum Organizer:
James Brophy

Game Lounge Organizer:
Zhen Wu

Installation: ArtForming
Games: Boston Game Jams
Music: DJ Zakarias
Photography: Jason Kan
Video: Paper Fortress Films
Drinks: Boston Beer Garden
Food: Iggy's
Spacesuits: David Clark Inc.
Moonraker: AIAA

Ryan Philbin, Erblin Bucaliue, Mary Hale, Mikkel Stroemstrad, Jason Weldon, Thatcher Tiffany, Cassandra

October 21, 2010
7 - 11pm

Cyclorama, Boston Center for the Arts
539 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116-6399

Due to the amazing response to the SHIFTboston MOON CAPITAL competition and the MOON BALL, we had an evening which proved to be out of this world. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it an incredible success.

Over one hundred new visions for the moon were received from six continents and twenty-six countries. A selection of the most outstanding submissions were presented and the winner was announced followed by a party.

MOON CAPITAL Forum: A Discussion on Living in Space

“The biggest news in space flight is in the rear view mirror. . . .Somebody is here, we are here. We are the big story in the rear viewed mirror.”
Constance Adams, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, space architect and Human Factors Engineer at the Johnson Space Center,explained HOW we can learn from spaceflight to live on the Earth as well as the Moon and Mars.

“The moon has helped us understand our place on earth to a remarkable degree.”
Dr. Marc Cohen, a registered architect and leader in the design of aerospace living and working environments, including: space habitats, space stations, lunar and planetary bases, explained HOW we will live on the moon and the necessary components of the future lunar habitat.

“The moon is a vast waste land. Will we inhabit it? Well, look at Las Vegas.”
Dr. Jeff Hoffman, former NASA astronaut and current professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, explained WHY we will be living on the moon someday...and maybe as to when!

Bryna Andersen, the winner of the MOON CAPITAL Competition, presented her work. Among the 400+ attendees included competition finalists: Gareth Leech (Bedfordshire, UK), Maryam Nabavi from Idea Couture (Toronto, Canada), second time SHIFTboston competition finalist Anthony Di Mari. Also in attendance was Gwen Webber from Blueprint Magazine (London, UK), covering the event for their upcoming ‘Space’ issue.

SEE the winning submission by Ms. Andersen and other selected entries presented at the Forum.

SEE the MOON BALL installation designed and fabricated by ARTforming with materials funding provided by SHIFTboston.

PLAY the games which were developed for the event game lounge.


Video highlights of the installation and event.

Video time lapse of installation, forum, gala and break-down.